Tattoo Me Now Review

Tattoo Me Now Review: What Do You Actually  Get?
In this Tattoo Me Now review lets look at what you actually receive when you become a member of Tattoo Me Now. It is the hottest tattoo site online but is it worth your while to join? Here's the full lowdown on what you get.
Tattoo Designs
There is a gallery of over 3,500 designs, classified into 40 different categories to help you navigate around this huge showcase of designs. When you find the right one for you, you can print it out and take it along to your local tattoo artist.
But the significant point about this gallery compared with other online tattoo sites in my opinion is that you can bookmark designs that you like. This saves you printing out every interesting design that you see. You can bookmark them all and then return to them later.
However, designs are only a small piece of the feast that you are offered at Tattoo Me Now. Here's what else you get:
Members Gallery
Hundreds of members have posted photos of their body art, showing you how their designs look on a real body. This may be totally different from how they appear on paper. This is a great resource for getting ideas of the types of designs that will look hot on you.
You can also post photos of your own tattoos. Show them off and get feedback from other fellow members!
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Studio Directory

Over 10,000 tattooists in 38 countries are listed to help you find a great artist in your local area. You can read members' reviews of the different artists and post your own review of your tattooists.
Videos And Ebooks
You also get bonus ebooks with tons of information about tattoos (probably more than you would ever read) and access to the video vaults where you can view and review a whole range of tattoo related videos, both serious and humorous. You can even upload your own videos.
Tattoo Me Now Forum
If there is one thing that lets Tattoo Me Now down it is the support. It can take a while to get a ticket answered. However, the forum makes up for that and I advise you if you are looking for support to try the forum first.
The forum is the real life of the site. Here you can interact with other members and discuss everything relating to tattoos - or even topics not relating to tattoos! Get advice on choosing designs or just hang out and meet other like minded people who appreciate this living art form.
Designs are great but meeting other people can be a life changing experience. If you have a serious interest in tattoos you need this forum. And if you are even thinking of having a tattoo on your body, believe me, you have a serious interest!
But don't take my word for any of this. If you're into tattoos you'll have a mind of your own. So now that you know what I think from this Tattoo Me Now review, head on down there to see for yourself.
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